White night

Overfull trains and trams, people kicking you in the shins with prams and tripods, and all of Melbourne city lit up. This is definitely – sorry Father Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year. Too bad it only lasts for one night. Especially considered the amount of citizens and travellers that crowd up … More White night

Tram talks

In the tram sits a man that asks me if I perhaps want his seat. I’m tempted to tell him that I am 25 years old, and perfectly capable of standing. Instead I smile at him. He doesn’t find it appropriate to be sitting, while a lady is standing, he says. I tell him I … More Tram talks

The Peninsula & GOR

After three amazing nights in Wilson’s Prom, we drove towards Frankston on Tuesday morning. Rain was pouring down, and it must have been tricky to drive this massive campervan through the stormy weather. In Somerville we called it a day and stayed here for one night.   Our coffee stop on the day after was … More The Peninsula & GOR