On the road

Once I set a date to leave Melbourne, I kinda got cold feet. Away from my friends and housemates, my lovely job, and most of all, away from the city that started feeling like home a lot over the last seven months. 

It had always been my plan to travel around again, and I did really want it. The Sunday I was supposed to leave, I wasn’t as prepared as I planned to be. I lost the overview, and totally panicked I was walking in circles through my room, while I moved piles of stuff from one spot to another. Doesn’t matter, I gathered some self-knowledge by now, and this is what I do when I lose the track. Moving stuff. In the end I could pull myself together again, and I threw everything in the car.  


The car

Buying the car was quite a task. Especially for me, since I basically know nothing about cars. I think I’ve done very well though. I ended up with a Toyota Camry wagon. With a mattress, pillows and sleeping bags in the boot, it’s actually quite comfortable in the back. By now I’ve got the radio playing music, engine is working, I spray painted some black bits that were turning white, and I made curtains (I still need to put them up). After all it will be my house for the next couple of months. 

Although I have to admit that my friend Eva and I are couchsurfing since three days. Adelaide in winter is not very pleasant. 

On the road

On Monday, June 15, I left onto the Great Ocean Road. Accompanied by Kaylee (Canadian, 18) and Sarah (US, 30). Sarah was in a bit of a rush to get into Adelaide, where as Kaylee wanted to see the GOR. We met halfway and ended up in Adelaide after three days. We saw a fair few things on our way, but I prefer spending less time in the car. Our first stop was in Port Campbell, where I stayed overnight with Lars as well, on my road trip in November. Kaylee and I slept in the car at a camp spot with BBQs, toilets and a warm water tap. Quite luxurous for a first night. We ate dinner in the hostel where Sarah slept, Port Campbell hostel.

The day after, the girls slept in a hotel in Mount Gambier, and I’d found myself a picnic spot where I could camp. It was a bit exciting, the first night alone, but fortunately there were more backpackers, and the star sky was amazing. On Wednesday we drove along the shore, to Adelaide. On our way there we saw lots of green, rain and cows. Later the landscape changed and we could see the sea again. Near Coorong national park, we saw heaps of pelicans. 


That night we arrived in Adelaide, where Eva was. She’d left Melbourne in her van a couple of days before me, and was camping at the beach. On the same spot were a French guy, Chris, and an Ozzie guy, Bryan.

I stayed there overnight too, and it was very special to wake up at the beach, where we were able to see sea lions after a short walk. We camped here for two nights, and the two nights after that we chose a park near the city, again with BBQs, and even WiFi and powerpoints.

That Saturday night it got so cold, that I decided to look for a couch surf place. The day after we were welcome at Lawrences place, a student who lives close to the CBD with his mum. A warm bed, a shower and a washing machine. So much luxury! 


Direction Alice Springs

Tomorrow morning we will leave. That means we spent a week in Adelaide. We haven’t seen too much of Adelaide, besides a lot of shops and our cars inside out. Eva has a very relaxed tempo, which sometimes results in us being a líttle bit slower than planned. That’s why our initial planning got pushed forward a lot, and we still need to wash our cars in the morning and hang up the curtains. We did do a lot of stuff over the last week, and I am quite proud of us. Fortunately we went to Mount Lofty yesterday, which is the highest mountain of South Australia (900m), and has a widespread view. And today in the afternoon, after cutting and ironing my curtains, I went into the botanical gardens. So at least I’ve seen some of Adelaide. 

Tomorrow we’ll drive up to Port Augusta together, 300km North from here. Conny, a German girl, will join me and together we will drive up to Alice Springs. Up to the next 1500 kilometers! 



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